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HOW WE PURCHASE PRODUCTS (Eenie, Meenie, Minee, Moe)

I How do you choose your skin care and body products? Common information arrives via written materials through the mail, referrals from friends, suggestions from the media, or other. Today, we are bombarded with beautiful women and men who are chosen specifically to appeal to our desire to buy. However, one rarely jumps on the buying wagon the first time after seeing a product alone, but we can be influenced when there are pictures and groups of people advocating the success of the product and a “brand’” person or media face that we know.

Many skin care users aren’t aware of the changes in their skin upon using a new product. I have created some lists to consider about what has stimulated your choices when making purchases. Points you may want to consider when making your choice may include price, packaging, display, convenience, or peer pressure.

Sensory Evaluation of a skin care product takes into consideration the following:

1. Clarity

2. Strong smell

3. No smell

4. Dry feel

5. Lathers well

6. Opaqueness

7. Light smell

8. Oily feel

9. Soft feel

Acceptance Attributes that we consider:

1. You like its appearance

2. You like its texture

3. You like it overall

4. You like its fragrance

5. You like the feel after washing

6. You evaluate the intent of your purchase (for you or someone else)

Product Performance that we may also consider:

1. Lathers well

2. Does not irritate the skin

3. Smoothes or spreads well

4. Easy to remove

5. Feels good on face, hands or body

6. Feels clean

7. Effective, does the job

8. Will do for now…

Most surface and deep values that we share as consumers are often magnified by manufacturers’ advertising campaigns. This article is designed to help you take a look at your skin and body care purchases and evaluate your acceptance and performance of what you are using. Are your goals being met with its use? Remember, there are professionals who understand skin care and ingredients to help you start using what you should with these personal preferences in mind.

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By Brenda Romanow

Brenda Romanow is the owner of Desired Image Skin Care Clinic, a Buffalo based business of over 22 years. Brenda has been in education for over 10 years for the New York State Education Committee for esthetics and is also a New York State examiner for esthetics. She started teaching in several school’s continuing education class on subjects such as Anti-Aging, Personal Image, Makeup application as well as Cosmetic Ingredients (what’s in a jar). 834-1123.