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Collagen is a protein that connects soft tissue (joints), hard tissue (like bones) and our largest organ of the body, skin. Collagen and many other processes within your body start slowing down at a rate of 1% per year starting at approximately age 25. So, if you are fifty, you’ve been actively aging for half your life.

70% of human skin is made of collagen and is responsible for providing firmness and elasticity. When in a healthy state collagen ensures that the skin does not wrinkle when facial muscles are active.

We also know that there are certain influences that contribute to advanced aging besides the natural process of aging. Lifestyle and health as well as extrinsic factors such as sun exposure all leave their footprint on our daily life. So now we look for ways to repair, correct, re-shape it’s structure so that it acts like a brand-new elastic band!

Management modalities are vast as are medical model procedures. Choices best for you are to be weighed heavily. From your timing to heal, to economics, to related health issues are to be considered. Esthetic procedures consist of:

• Encouraging cellular turnover more frequently

• LED light procedures for vascular activity and repair

• EMS muscle stimulation for the re-programming of ATP (energy within the musculature). Shortening and lengthening of flaccid muscles

• ULTRA SOUND for moving the body essential fluids providing nutrient to the skin and better lymphatic flow

Topical products are less consistent with their efficacy and tend to be short-lived. However, nano-technology drives topicals as deep as possible improving the skin layers. Keep these things in mind:

• Daily use of products is important unless otherwise stated. Some products should be used every other day or as directed.

• SPFs are a must to protect the improvement process.

• Mild exfoliation ensures the absorption of suggested serums.

• Expecting fast results are non-productive since it has taken years for the skin’s breakdown to become evident.

Supplementation is also to be considered as part of your treatment modality. Internals have long been considered to improve many physical and metabolic situations and they definitely help in the restoration process of your skin. These nutrients in supplements are directly absorbed into the bloodstream through ingestion and are faster working than topical remedies. This process works well with those with busy lifestyles.

With options for active skin care products with nanotechnology, treatments that can improve the way your skin and muscles function and stimulating the growth of collagen from internal forces can be so very helpful to those wanting to see improvement with their skin.

In retrospect, considering the options available to you, speaking with your skin care consultant can be most helpful.

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By Brenda Romanow

Brenda Romanow is the owner of Desired Image Skin Care Clinic, a Buffalo based business of over 22 years. Brenda has been in education for over 10 years for the New York State Education Committee for esthetics and is also a New York State examiner for esthetics. She started teaching in several school’s continuing education class on subjects such as Anti-Aging, Personal Image, Makeup application as well as Cosmetic Ingredients (what’s in a jar). 834-1123.