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10 years ago I remember writing my first article introducing “telomeres”. The concerns then about this part of your DNA is being studied more today than ever. Telomeres and controlling their longevity may well be the ‘fountain of youth’.

Telomere technology is one of those frontiers that is consistently being studied because they are so significant to our own genetic DNA makeup. Like the little plastic tips at the ends of your shoe laces, telomeres are the cap at the ends of your chromosomes. Telomeres prevent the unraveling or deteriorating and malfunctioning of your chromosomes. Each time a cell divides – which is vital for new skin, blood and bone tissue reproduction – these telomeres which protect every strand of your DNA shorten.

When telomeres are damaged this affects your skin’s aging. The effect that causes this is the response system that creates inflammation, one of the worst factors in chronic aging. When the skin is irritated or traumatized it becomes inflamed which accelerates the aging process leading to premature, fine lines, wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation and loss of elastic and collagen within the skin.

The above quick bio lesson is to help you understand what we; the professional esthetician must keep in mind when choosing products for your home care use. Our goal in understanding this technology is to help you make good skin care choices. Effective skin care and treatment protocol keeps you looking younger and healthier longer . We cannot stop your stressors, change your eating and drinking habits, or help you with your family or work endeavors but we can take care of your skin issues that become affected by these factors.

Ingredients within your skin care products can encourage telomere protection. Protecting telomeres from shortening is one sure way of maintaining a healthful appearance. Proper ingredients protect your very own youth factor. Here are some actives in protecting your aging process.

#1 Vitamin C in the form of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate provides longer healthy shelf life than other forms and is most effective in addressing the telomere dilemma. When Vitamin C is used at night it is a vital part of the body’s repair and recovery program.

#2 Skin heals best when in a hydrated state. Hyaluronic acid when taken internally helps the body as a whole function better because of its ability to hold water within the tissues and joints. Hyaluronic acid can be applied topically aiding in the skin’s ability to function and protect the length of the cell’s telomeres.

#3 Peptides, are proteins and because they are non-irritating and non-wounding ingredients work well with most skins, even those touting to be ‘sensitive’. Peptides do so much on so many levels for the skin. For years now we’ve been promoting EGFs (epidermal growth factors) for a multitude of skin dysfunctions. From healing wounds from accidents or surgeries so skin will return to normal, to controlling redness, to softening wrinkles and, oh yes, protecting telomeres from daily damage.

#4 Stem Cells have been doing wonders by promoting healthy skin turnover. These stem cells provide excellent repair and protection for telomeres.

#5 Sunscreen protection is required on a daily basis to protect all the wellness that the above skin care ingredients provide. Repairing the damage caused by UV rays, computer and cell phone technology is sometimes irreparable and becomes costly and time consuming. We can help you get healthier skin but can you protect it when not in our sight?

Take care of what you can and let us provide you with our guidance in skin care effectiveness. Not all products are created equal. Follow the professionals and enjoy healthy youthful skin!

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By Brenda Romanow

Brenda Romanow is the owner of Desired Image Skin Care Clinic, a Buffalo based business of over 22 years. Brenda has been in education for over 10 years for the New York State Education Committee for esthetics and is also a New York State examiner for esthetics. She started teaching in several school’s continuing education class on subjects such as Anti-Aging, Personal Image, Makeup application as well as Cosmetic Ingredients (what’s in a jar). 834-1123.