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One cannot deny the ever available information highway directing people of every age to strive for better health and personal appearance. Television, apps, magazines, computers and cell phones aren’t missing a chance to bring our attention to try new products, innovative concepts and healthier lifestyles. If skin care wasn’t an issue initially, infomercials can convince you that is one.

We are being flooded with topics like food choices, drink strategies, exercise variations, de-cluttering our homes and our lives. You are asked to examine how you look for your age compared to almost everyone on the ‘telly’. The urgency to buy something quick, especially with ‘take up to six months to pay financing, with promises of looking younger almost instantly can seem hard to pass up.

Everything coming at you can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, this self care movement is indeed a a forward moving trend to stay or become healthier inside and out. Nothing compares to being healthy and looking good while doing it!

My most recent client newsletter focuses on some rather exciting and new pathways in doing just that. One topic involves keeping our immune system able and ready to combat all the ‘stuff’ that gets brought to us from friends and families. Our children and grandkids can be the worst carriers. Schools, workplaces, day care facilities can be epic sources for pathogen and virus sharing. Without a strong immune system, we are doomed.

For many years now, skin care lines have been promoting internal wellness as well as topical skin care regimens. We truly believe that supporting both internal inflammation and external protection is the best united front we have.

The following are some simple but effective health helpers that you not have known about.

• Silver Products have been around for centuries. Earlier centuries would put their silver coins into the family drinking water to stay healthy or support the body’s immune system. Silver today is still used by naturopaths and homeopathic practitioners to flush the eyes of newborns and open wounds. As a liquid to drink daily, in toothpaste for teeth and gums and lozenges are available.

• Thieves, a potent combination of essential oils in earlier centuries deterred a whole host of bacteria, pathogens and fungi. Formerly used by grave robbers and (early) doctoring, was used as protection from some of these nasty vermin. Today ‘Thieves’ is a well known essential oil potion in oil form toothpaste, sprays, household disinfectant and lozenges.

• More recently, Osmosis Harmonized Waters with ‘balancing’ technology for many health issues has become available for promoting internal health. Harmonized water can be taken internally, sprayed on the skin or added to your skincare serums to enhance penetration.

Since beauty is a reflection of good health, we need to be cognizant of healthful options. We all can’t know everything. Keeping educational facts within our field of esthetics current to pass it onto you is our job. May your immune system live long and prosper.

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By Brenda Romanow

Brenda Romanow is the owner of Desired Image Skin Care Clinic, a Buffalo based business of over 22 years. Brenda has been in education for over 10 years for the New York State Education Committee for esthetics and is also a New York State examiner for esthetics. She started teaching in several school’s continuing education class on subjects such as Anti-Aging, Personal Image, Makeup application as well as Cosmetic Ingredients (what’s in a jar). 834-1123.