Erie County Stay Fitness Program

By Richard Derwald,
Senior Fitness/Wellness
Consultant Erie County

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Diets, Diets, Diets

Today there are so many types of diets each of which seem to appeal to various segments of the population. For example The Mediterranean Diet - Vegetarian Diet, Blood Type Diet, Paleo Diet, The Atkins Diet, Keto Diet, and too many more to mention. Amazingly the logic behind all of these listed diets is most often in direct conflict with the others on this list. At age 86 I have seen many of these miracle, magical diets disappear from the national dietary landscape. I vividly remember being at a health fair and talking to a registered nurse who told me she was having difficulty sticking to the grapefruit diet she was on because among other things she was experiencing constant heartburn and her skin was beginning to breakout with red spots. I was amazed that a medical professional, who should know better, would ever begin an obviously unscientific, ridiculous diet. Woops I almost forgot the Cabbage Soup weight loss diet that so many tried a decade ago. Yes if all you ate was cabbage soup you would definitely lose weight but would quickly become malnourished and possibly get sick because you would be missing all the vitamins, minerals and proteins required to maintain good health.

What is RDA? Recommended Daily Allowance

RDA was established by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and represents the average daily dietary intake that is sufficient to meet the nutrient requirement of most individuals within the population. The risk of any dietary deficiency causing subsequent health issues is very low if your intake meets the RDA.

Guaranteeing your RDA.

Many older adults find it increasingly difficult to shop for and prepare well balanced meals. One of the many reasons for this is that they live alone and find it impractical to prepare well balanced meals on a daily basis. The answer to this problem is regular participation in the Erie County Senior Services RDA Dining Program that ensures you get 1/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowance at every noonday meal served at a senior center near you.

How Can They Guarantee RDA?

Every noonday lunch menu is reviewed and analyzed by a New York State Registered Dietitian who utilizes a state of the art computer program to ensure that all guidelines designed to meet the Recommended Daily Allowances are met. The Erie County Registered Dietitians constantly monitor the meals served at all the centers to insure highest quality nutrition standards and every aspect of food safety.

Enhancing your Life

There are many factors that determine your health, happiness and longevity including a healthy diet, regular exercise and social connection and interaction all of which can be found at most senior centers throughout in Erie County. It is a little known fact that Erie County Senior Services has received national recognition as ‘Best Practice’ for some of its programs. Some say that the benefits offered to the older residents by Erie County Senior Services are a well-kept secret but under the new direction of Commissioner David Shenk the focus is now to provide everyone with the facts and knowledge regarding the benefits of participation in the great and varied programs specifically designed to enhance your quality of life including the RDA Lunch Program and the CLUB 99 Senior Fitness Program. For more information call 716 858 8682