Erie County Stay Fitness Program

By Richard Derwald,
Senior Fitness/Wellness
Consultant Erie County

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Most may now be asking what is Sarcopenia? Have you ever heard of Osteoporosis? Yes of course you have. Did you know that Sarcopenia is the other factor along with Osteoporosis that plagues the human body as a result of aging. In fact, more than Osteoporosis it causes your body to look older and presents an equal or greater threat to your health and longevity. The question now must be why haven’t I heard of Sarcopenia? Going back in time just a few short years ago there were a multitude of television advertisements for various products that stated these products provided the answer to reducing or preventing Osteoporosis. These products cannot be listed in this article but their horrendous and possibly deadly side effects can easily be found by computer search and that is why you no longer see their advertisements on television. It is also the reason that there is much less conversation about this subject. In a nutshell the national conversation about osteoporosis has significantly diminished because “they” now have no product to sell you. IMPORTANT: The preceding is not meant to minimize the seriousness of Osteoporosis but rather to inform you of the current status.


The reason you have never heard of Sarcopenia is because there are also no products yet developed to reduce or prevent Sarcopenia which is a wasting away of muscle tissue most often associated with aging. Sarcopenia affects your gait, balance, and overall ability to perform daily tasks. For a long time, researchers have believed that this deterioration was inevitable. But they’re now beginning to look into treatments that might prevent or slow down this process. As of this date the best treatment they have recommend is exercise. Researchers have identified resistance training as the specific form of exercise that is most beneficial to reduce and prevent sarcopenia. This training is designed to improve muscle strength and stamina and uses resistance bands or weights. Resistance training can also help balance your hormone levels. It’s been shown to improve the ability to turn protein into energy in older people. These changes have in some cases been seen in only two weeks.


The only proven treatment to reduce and prevent Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis is resistance exercise. Erie County CLUB 99 SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM offers total body resistance training and is available at many senior centers throughout Erie County. To locate the CLUB 99 Center nearest to you call 716- 858- 8526.