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By Wendy Mednick

Why are we here, is it to make a difference?

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

-Ralph Wald Emerson

Do you often wonder if what we are doing on Earth has a purpose? Does all of this count for something and are you alone in that thought process and feeling? What is your life about and is there a truth waiting for us that is bigger than we could have ever imagined? Many question the American Dream of having everything they ever wanted. We never question when our life is going well or if we are in a state of homeostasis. When we are in that state of happiness and success, then our life continues, with no questions why. We are allotted hours, days and years, a duration unknown and some question are we ever satisfied? Another day, do you find yourself stuck in your daily routine, making it feel like the days are just passing you by? How many struggle to their purpose in life and why we are really here, is it to make a difference? One definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over with the expectation of getting different results. Each day doesn't have to be the same or just another day, creating this insanity, make it a day to find purpose.

Another day, more to do, more responsibilities, try not to be on auto-pilot. Some feel that life is about always competing, risking everything, racing to be the best, however does it last that way forever? Do not get trapped in the cycle of spending your whole life working, in the end that is all you have. Concentrate on alternative tasks, goals, creating a balance, keep moving physically and mentally. Find that purpose, motivation, so each day is not just another day. Do not spend your life wondering if there is more to life than your daily tasks.

Many do search for that meaning to have a purposeful life, having joy and happiness. Your purpose in life is not found externally, but it can be found from within. Live in the joy of your truth, and find what brings you happiness. An old saying, that if you are looking for something, you won't find it by looking outside of yourself unless you are also willing to look within yourself. To some it may sound silly or unrealistic, it holds true for topics regarding the meaning and purpose for one's life. There are many ways you can find that meaning in your own way without turning your life inside out in the process.

Try something new, it can help you find meaning by expanding your worldview and also give you a chance to connect with others. Sometimes we dont ever have to go far to try something new in our life. New age technology allows you the opportunity to join new groups without even having to leave your home. A cooking class, group or individual exercise class, take on a new hobby without the expense or stress of the expense. Our brains are wired for stimulation when doing something new, creating a feeling of happiness as well. At times when we reach out to help others, for example becoming a mentor, that may help one find a new purpose in life, or meaning for why we are here. Being a mentor, a teacher for others, proves to create a meaningful impact on the lives of those you help. Gain a new perspective in life, step out of your own comfort zone, even if it is temporary. When you expose yourself to new ideas and paths to explore, it is then you can start to change your outlook for your own life. Reflect on how other people live and challenges that are faced by others, especially when seeing those with real struggles and hardships greater than yours. This all helps to gain a new perspective . Years ago I aligned with organizations that I felt passionate about. Getting involved and or looking for organizations gave me a sense of purpose, especially when you get involved with those you are most passionate about. Pay close attention to join groups that can create positive change for you or for the community. This will allow you to connect with others that have the same interest or passion. Get connected to the world. Look around you, take a hike, spend time with nature and yourself. We often then find our own inspiration and awareness in the natural world.

Ask yourself, what is the purpose when you wake for the day, what is it that gets me up? What is the purpose of my life? What is it that drives me from day to day? You can ask yourself many questions, where did I come from, and where is it that I am going. We are all created for a purpose and a reason. The mere fact that you are here and alive makes your life meaningful. Many ideas surround the definition of one's purpose in life. If there was just one, clear, unequivocal answer to that question, we would all have the same one without any disagreements. The different answers can't all be right, or maybe they can? The answer to the purpose of life, why are we here, because we are here. We must evolve so that we can live,and live to evolve.

In stillness consider the truth you are loved and wonderfully made. Created by the author of life.

Stay Well………….Stay Happy

Wendy Mednick was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and holds a BS/MA from SUNY@Buffalo/SUC@Buffalo. She has 25 plus years in business development, sales, project management and volunteer work in the not-for-profit community. She can be reached @