Life's Adventures
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By Wendy Mednick


What Do You Leave In Your Rear View Mirror???

It has been said that over time life changes for some, for me I believe we all have a story tucked inside waiting to be told. Each year as we age, there are some who lose a love, lose friends, lose a career, our health declines, and we lose pieces of yourself we never imagined would be gone. And then, without you even realizing it,these pieces come back. New love enters, and better friends come along, we get healthier and mentally stronger, and we realize that our career changes from what we have to do to allowing us to do what we love to do. A stronger wiser you is staring back in the mirror...

I believe life is a path we are all on, do we direct that path and its outcome all by ourselves? Somewhere along the way we are guided, we either choose to take that guidance or we do it solo. I had the opportunity to have my father as my teacher and my mentor. Looking back over the years sometimes our path of life follows along with guidance, for me I had that. In life we all know that no road is perfect, no road is straight, and no road is without bumps. Our path of life has many choices and options. Our rear view mirror is filled with stories from choices we have made, we either choose to keep staring in that mirror, never allowing life to move forward, or we take a quick peak and keep moving down the road. Suddenly when life changes, our path takes an unexpected turn. Growing is a learning process, full of wrong turns and bumps, challenging moments. There comes a point that we need to let go in order to grow and continue to learn and improve who we are, who we want to become and what we want to accomplish in life.

So we continue on this journey, the path of life as I call it. We let go of the past that that veered us off the road for a moment we wanted to continue down. It becomes a lesson in life, we grow and learn from it, we become wiser to overcome our next obstacle. Staring in that mirror does not allow your path to continue, it keeps you stuck. When life takes that unexpected turn, lean in, hold on and know that you are in control of that wheel, no matter how big or small. Growing older is a privilege, use that time to make some serious changes in your life, pursue happiness, pursue health, go after that second or third career, don't be afraid to love again. Look back at that bucket list, create a new one, fill it with what you are still staring at in that mirror, challenge yourself. Don't let life disconnect you from where you are suppose to be and where you want to be. It is never to late to make life changes ,you will find a fuller and happier you.

I would love to hear your story, your path, what did you leave in your rear view mirror? We share comfort knowing we are not alone with life's obstacles we have faced and challenged head on. Maybe your story will give someone the courage to change that constant looking and turn it into an occasional peak! Let this year be the year you look forward into the front windshield and use that rear for only a quick peak.

Stay well and stay happy......Wendy