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Be Creative
By Carol S. Wolf

WOW! It is hard to believe summer is over and fall has arrived. It was terrific weather most of the time for so many events and activities going on. We went to some of them; we always love the music in the park. Many of the parks in WNY have weekly music programs, art festivals, etc. It is a great time to explore and enjoy these events. Most of them are free.

As I write this, so many people are talking about the total solar eclipse that will be visible from coast to coast for the first time fully in the USA since the country’s founding in 1776. I remember the first time we saw it here on Feb. 26, 1979. There was so much excitement. Now, we have so much more technology to observe it. A friend of ours gave us the special eclipse glasses, which were given out at all the libraries and many other places to watch it so as not to hurt our eyes. It is hard to believe it only lasts a few minutes.

September is the time we get back to our routines. This summer, I explored something entirely different and creative. I have been writing all my life so this summer I decided to try something entirely different by taking art classes that our church was offering. I have always thought I was not artistic until I read an article that said that so often we think we are not creative and that creativity is a life-long process. It went on to say that there are ways we can improve our ability to generate ideas. By taking the art classes once a week for six weeks, I learned to use watercolor paint, acrylic paint, and even Crayola crayons to create abstract art. I had never done anything like this before. Our teacher, Andrea Oswald, was patient and fantastic.

The more I thought about it, I realized that sometimes we stop believing in our creative abilities. I have been in the Amherst Senior Center Writers Group for about three years and I love it. I have gotten so many new ideas. My husband and I belong to the Travel Club, where there are opportunities for day trips and a variety of trips available. So, I invite you to check out opportunities for taking some classes or anything else of interest. There are 21 Senior Centers in Buffalo and 39 Senior Centers outside of Buffalo. They have so many opportunities available. I participate in a variety of other group activities at the Amherst Senior Center.

Here is a list of Senior Centers:

1. Akron-Newstead Senior Citizens- 542-6645

2. Alden Community Center- 937-7393

3. Amherst Senior Center- 636-3050

4. Angola Seniors- 947-0974

5. Aurora (Town) Senior Center- 652-7934

6. Blasdell Senior Citizens- 646-0665

7. Boston Senior Citizens- 941-6113

8. Brant-Farnham Senior Center- 549-0282

9. Cayuga Village Senior Center- 549-0282

10. Cheektowaga Senior Center- 686-3930

11. Clarence Senior Center- 633-5138

12. Colden Senior Center- 941-5012

13. Collins Senior Center- 532-2006

14. Concord Senior Center- 592-4946

15. Eden Senior Citizen’s Center- 992-3408

16. Elma Senior Citizen Center- 652-3374

17. Evans (Town) Senior Center- 947-0974

18. Farnham Seniors- 549-0282

19. Grand Island Senior Center- 773-9682

20. Hamburg Senior Citizens- 646-0665

21. Holland Senior Citizens-5 37-9443

22. Jewish Center of Greater Buffalo- 688-4033

23. Kenmore Senior Center- 873-0737

24. Lackawanna Senior Center- 685-3498

25. Lancaster Senior Citizens- 685-3498

26. LK Painter Community Center- 532-2006

27. Marilla Senior Citizens- 652-5350

28. Newstead Seniors- 542-6645

29. North Collins Senior Citizens- 337-3391,337-3839

30. Orchard Park Senior Center- 662-6452

31. Salvation Army Golden Age Center (Ton)- 693-3110

32. Sardinia Senior Citizens- 496-8900

33.S loan Senior Center- 897-1389

34. Springville Senior Citizens- 592-4948

35. Tonawanda (City) Senior Center- 692-7029

36. Tonawanda (Town) Senior Center- 874-3266

37. Wales Senior Citizens- 652-0589

38. West Seneca Senior Center- 675-9288

Most of us have ideas continuously flowing through our heads. Make a conscientious effort to record, collect, and save your ideas as they come to you. Winston Churchill said, “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

I hope you saw the eclipse outside or on TV and I hope you have fun in your new adventures.

If you know of a successful program in your community or would like more information please let me know at

Carol S. Wolf is married to her husband Dick for 52 years. She has 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. She is a writer, speaker, storyteller and leader of workshops and retreats. She is an Associate Spiritual Director at the St. Joseph Center for Spirituality and a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers WNY.



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