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I count a dozen different theatrical productions available for you to see in May! I’ll start with new openings this month and then get to shows that opened in April and continue through this month.

Opening on May 4th at The Paul Robeson Theatre is BLACKBERRY DAZE which the theatre hails as “A Murder Romance in the Key of Blues.” The next night, May 5th, STELLALUNA opens at Theatre of Youth (TOY.) STELLALUNA is based on the book by Janell Cannon and is intended for children ages 4 and up. May 10th features the opening of MusicalFare Theatre’s BASKERVILLE at the downtown Shea’s 710 Theatre. BASKERVILLE is billed as “A Sherlock Holmes Comic Mystery” with an emphasis on comic. 5 actors take on over 40 roles in this production that has already been extended through May 19th. Finally, opening on May 11th at The Lancaster Opera House is ROUNDING THIRD by Richard Dresser.

Productions that continue their runs from April into May include I DO! I DO! at O’Connell & Company. This production has been receiving very nice notices and closes May 6th. Also closing on the 6th is THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. I don’t believe I need to say any more about this production as I’m sure you’re familiar with it! THE FULL MONTY has its final performance at Subversive Theatre on May 12th. While May 13th features two closings: the compelling drama SIGHT UNSEEN at Jewish Repertory Theatre and the regional premiere of THE AWFUL TRUTH at Irish Classical Theatre company. The script for THE AWFUL TRUTH was unearthed in the archives at the New York Public Library by ICTC Producing Director, Fortunato Pezzimenti. That’s Sherlock Holmes type of sleuthing Fortunato! On May 20th both the Kavinoky Theatre’s THE FOREIGNER and Road Less Traveled’s THE CHRISTIANS close. THE FOREIGNER is a comic lark while THE CHRISTIANS delves into the truth or non-truth of the existence of Hell. Two very different evenings indeed! Finally, MusicalFare’s ONCE closes on May 27th. ONCE is a moving and powerful love story underscored by emotionally charged music. It features a thirteen member cast that not only plays all of the characters in the story but also plays all of the music!

So, now that the weather has finally broken, you have absolutely no excuse to not go to the theatre! And I’ll add one more choice for you early next month: on June 1st New York City and Julliard pianist Joe Mohan presents THE AMERICAN FOLK SONG TO THE AMERICAN SONGBOOK at the Premier Cabaret at MusicalFare. Joe will be playing his original piano arrangements. It promises to be a fascinating and entertaining evening.

Randall Kramer is the Artistic and Executive Director of MusicalFare Theatre, the President of the Board of the Arts Services Initiative, a member of the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance and a past President of the Theatre Alliance of Buffalo.