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The following is provided to the community by After 50 in attempt to connect volunteers with agencies in need of their services.

Dear Potential Volunteer,
Our greatest need for volunteers is in the City of Buffalo. We currently have eight (8) sites in the city.

The route itself takes an estimated 1hour to complete. Upon arriving at the site, the volunteer reports too the site manager. We ask that the volunteers arrive by 11:00 am as the routes leave around 11:15 am. The commissary truck will soon deliver the meals. The volunteer takes the route directions and the information about the route given, loads their cars, and together the driver and server drive from stop to stop delivering the nutritious meals provided in the hot oven and two (2) coolers. They deliver two meals at each stop and visit for five (5) minutes with each participant. Some participants might need assistance opening milk containers or cutting up the meat in the hot meal. After all twelve (12) deliveries (it could less but not more) you follow the route directions back to the site. Unload the car, take the information about the participants back to the site manager and receive thanks for all their help. This is a brief synopsis of a daily route delivery.

I you will need more information about Meals on Wheels of Buffalo & Erie County Inc. feel free to contact the

Meal Delivery Team Office
Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 3 pm

Many thanks for contacting our agency.


Linda Naylor
Director Meal Delivery Team

PS. We also have 15 field sites in the rural and suburban areas.